Published by Admin on July 18, 2017

What is Concrete staining?

Concrete staining is the art of Acid-Etch Staining; it involves making use of acid based chemical stains to change plain concrete floors to varieties of earth toned colors. These organic designs leave the floors with a clean look. They are easy to maintain and cost effective. Most of these floors are not properly installed, the reason is that inexperienced contractors, get cheap materials and do not invest much time to do the work. While experienced contractors can easily install the stained concrete floors and give you the exact design you are paying for. There are several designs, this means they are several ways for installations. The simple steps to follow before installation include;

  • Clean and prepare your floor for staining by scrubbing the area using a stiff bristled brush and a non-residue cleaner. For stubborn stains use a pressure washer and a degreaser.
  • Putting on safety wears such as goggles, boots, gloves and a respirator. Sprinkle water on the surface. Then spread the muriatic acid on the concrete using a plastic sprinkling can. Allow etching for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash away acid with a broom and plenty of water.
  • Then apply a concrete stain and allow to dry for at least 48 hours. Make any design of your choice using either a roller, a brush or apply the stain using an all plastic garden sprayer.
  • Once the floor I completely dry, you can add a second coat of stain if needed. Allow the floor to dry before cleaning off the residue.
  • Apply the sealer, once dry.