About Me

Hello, I’m Ian Draiman.

I’ve been living with a smaller brother who has had fragile-x since he was born. His disease was hereditary; my father had it when he was at a young age.

Living with a brother with the syndrome isn’t so bad as how one would think of it. In fact, it’s a unique, new experience that isn’t something you find everyday. I strive to embrace it with positivity whenever I think of my brother and his future. He was a challenge brought to me by the universe and causality.

But he didn’t choose to hassle anyone. That is when I felt true love for him and why I made this website.

In this blog, I’ll share with you my experiences of being a caretaker of someone with fragile x. The ups and downs, the achievements, disappointments and troubles I’ve come across, all of these are fragile x caretakers’ stories.

All of these are our stories.