Published by Admin on July 18, 2017

4 reasons to go for concrete staining

Concrete staining makes the floor have a unique and elegant finish. This flooring type has different colors, patterns and unique designs that make the floor quite striking and draws the eye. It adds a touch of style to any space. Here are four reasons why you should go for concrete staining.


Concrete staining adds an additional durability to an already hard floor, making it more suitable to withstand pressure. These type of floors do not wear out. They are resistant to wear and tear, decay and crack.

Low maintenance

No frequent vacuuming or waxing is necessary for concrete stained floors. With the use of a mop, all spills are cleaned. Maintenance maybe is done every three months depending on the level of foot traffic. Concrete stained floors are maintained at the lowest maintenance costs for any coloring.

It is Economical and has different design options

The cost of concrete staining, when compared to other flooring options, is relatively low. It is a more economical option. Staining a floor is, even more, cheaper if the floor was already made of concrete slabs. Concrete staining has evolved from just plain concrete floors to luxurious looking floors. A variety of designs and textures can be stained on concrete floors, also it can be stamped by rubber stencils which give it texture. With the right mixture, the floors can be designed to mimic tiles or even natural brick.

Water resistant

It is not affected by water because the chemical used for staining is highly corrosive. Water can cause cracks, rotting, and mold growing on floors. However, with concrete staining, it is highly impossible for water to corrode it. Water may pass through the sealer, but it dries out which is not the case with other floor types.